About RARI Chain

What is RARI Chain?

RARI Chain is a performant EVM equivalent blockchain powered by Arbitrum (opens in a new tab). RARI Chain boasts low costs, fast transaction times, and enables creators to embed royalties on the node level.

Royalty System

Embedding royalties on the node level empowers creators to benefit from their work and protects them from transactions that attempt to circumvent royalty payments. Creators can thus enjoy greater contract flexibility by customizing royalty ranges on a per NFT basis.

Low Transaction Fees

RARI Chain allows users to enjoy virtually-free transaction costs, and pay in ETH, UDSC, or USD via credit card for maximum ease of use. This is accomplished through RARI Chain's integration with Arbitrum Anytrust Data Availability (opens in a new tab), which effectively insulates the chain from Ethereum gas spikes, allowing for ultra low gas fees.