Bridging to RARI chain

RARI chain is integrated on the official Arbitrum bridge (opens in a new tab). As RARI chain is an L3 on top of Arbitrum One, funds must be bridged to Arbitrum One before they can be bridged to RARI chain


Bridging from RARI chain

Using the same UI, you can bridge funds from RARI chain back to Arbitrum One. As RARI chain is an Optimistic rollup, you must wait 7 days before finalizing the withdrawal.

Bridging from Arbitrum One to ETH mainnet

After funds are withdrawn to Arbitrum One, they can again be withdrawn to ETH mainnet using the official Arbitrum bridge. This will require another 7 day waiting period.

Alternatively, you can use one of the several third-party bridges (opens in a new tab) on Arbitrum to withdraw funds faster.